Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lost & Found

Yes I found the camera cable sometime on Thursday but I was watching Gavin and was not going to put him down to post the rugs....if you don't have a grandchild you wouldn't understand!

Friday well after heading out to the Vet in Lake Alfred we ran into our neighbors Lu & Adele at Lavender & Lace ...they had lunch we browsed the shop & then headed home after a quick trip to mickey d's for lunch.

After a nice, long, quiet walk this morning with Otis

I am ready to share those photo's from last Saturday
This was last Saturdays fog in North Plant City

Maggie hooked this Maria Barton Pattern from Starr Rugs

Maggie also hooked this table runner and her own design Square Pumpkins

Here are the Santa's from class last month

One of Jonny's tree skirts (she hooked two this year along with 12 class projects & a few others)
We think she is running a sweat shop of hookers at her home!

This is Helen's current project

Our current class project

Saturday Afternoon Rainbow

Next Saturday we are heading to Brooksville for a field trip...just a day away to visit some of the local shops there & have lunch! Want to join us?


Leslie said...

What beautiful rugs but what a BEAUTIFUL baby! You take the best pictures, Tammy! Can't wait to see some more.


Tammy said...

Thanks Leslie God provides the subject I just try to capture it on 'film' so to speak.