Friday, January 02, 2009

I HATE WEEDING and think Mosquitos & Black Widows are unnecessary insects

Yesterday I escaped with my walking buddy Ellen as dawn was breaking. We headed over to the new Circle B-Bar Reserve at 7am to check it out & take some pictures.
It was beautiful & very peaceful until 9am when they started a guided tour of about 150 or more people.

We saw lots of other wildlife except a seaplane & airboat on the Lake.

It was beautiful & I will definitely go back early in the morning while it's peaceful.

We ducked out of their around 11:20 and stopped at Dunkin' Donuts for their Veggie Egg White Flatbread Sandwich & Coffee before heading to Lake Hollingsworth to watch the birds there and then onto Lake Morton.

This blood thirsty pair tried to attack both of us, a lady who was trying to feed them and her dog along with anyone walking by that side of the lake.

We were going onto Lake Mirror but I got a text asking to babysit Gavin so we headed back early.

Today is CLEANING & YARD WORK DAY...even though the weather rarely changes I have been conditioned to start dreaming about the garden come January.
So off to Lowes we went this morning and $100 later I have some new plants for around the waterfall, a slight sunburn and some minor cuts. All the while I continued to see little black widows hiding in the rocks they give me the creepies!

So I took a break to upload some photos while DH finishes concreting the last leak in the falls and start Caspers afternoon round of eye meds.
Back to the yardwork & laundry

Blessings 2 U Friends.


Neas Nuttiness said...

Your pictures at the lake reminded me of something.

Sarah and her family were transferd out to Wyoming, and I was asked to be at her apartment on Lake Morton, to supervise the movers. Three young men arrived and packed everything up. We made arrangements to meet back at the apartment early the next morning, so that the boxes could be loaded into the moving van.

Shortly after they arrived the next morning, it began to rain, so they left to go get some breakfast.

I decided to sit in my van and read until they came back. I hopped out of the van as soon as they pulled into the parking lot. One of the young men had brought his leftovers, to feed to the ducks.

You have to picture this...these guys were BIG...REALLY BIG...and quite young. They start "calling" to the numerous birds (ducks, swans and geese) "here ducky, ducky", and advancing towards the geese that live on the west side of the lake, near the Lake Morton Apartment Building.

WEll, you know how aggressive those geese can be...they came "flying" at those guys and they were "honking and hissing". You never saw three guys run so fast. Two of them (the guys) jumped into my van, and the third jumps over the hood and goes hall'n butt across the lawn.

I'm laughing so hard I'm afraid that I'll wet my pants. I don't know what got into me, but I decided to show off a little. I say to the guys..."what's the matter...are you afraid of a couple of little ole birds?" I start walking away from the van. The guy on the lawn starts yelling "stop ma'am...they'll attack you!" I just smiled sweetly and marched toward the geese,I wag my finger, and in my sternest "mom means business" voice, I say " be nice, and quite scaring these poor boys. Come over here right now and say - You're sorry!"

Well dang if they didn't stop all that fussing, waddle over and politely waited. I convinced the guys to come over and feed their leftovers (toast and grits) to the now, well behaved, geese.

I really impressed those young men that day...They were still a little nervous each time they got to the sidewalk (as the geese continued to stand their ground, and keep an eye on things), to place another load of boxing into the moving van. But those geese didn't charge them again.

I can tell you... I walked a little taller that day. After all, how often does a "short fat old lady" impress and gain the respect of 3 big burly young guys?

Tammy said...

Libby you know me, I'm not afraid of too many creatures...respectful yes, afraid... not so much.

I tried the big bear rawr at these two arms up over my head but that only stopped them for a split second then they kept chasing me across the street behind Ellen's car, she was laughing & thankfully I don't think she got her camera focused in time to snap a shot of my butt running!
I thought maybe they had a nest nearby but they went down the street after a few other folks too.

Thanks for sharing that story I bet it was the same pair of geese they were on the north side of the lake.

Blessings 2 U Friend!