Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Excitement is Building.....

After class last night we ran over to help Tim put Gavin's tube back in then raced home to watch LOST...we had it recording so we can zip through the commercials. I had such a headache during class that I wasn't sure I would make it and sure enough I fell asleep halfway through the darn show. I am going to have to watch it again to actually decide if I like the way things are going this year.

We had hard freeze warnings here last night & we woke up to this


It has been so cold here in Central Florida that my dogs don't even want to go out unless they REALLY have to go.

Today we are trying to get things completely packed into the camper before Gavin arrives. So there is a lot of scurrying in & out into the brisk air.
I might have to drive down myself with the family following a little later tomorrow as I don't want to be late this year for the Florida Scrub Hooking. I want to see all Polly has packed before it is gone this time. Instead of bringing a rug to finish I am going to start a new one instead this should lessen the amount of things I need to pack. Making sure the family has food (mine is covered at the Inn) the dogs have their leashes, food & medications, everyone has enough clothing/shoes/sweatshirts etc. Thank GOD it will be warmer than it has been during the daytime but the nights will still be in the 40's or 50's.

As I am typing this 'Conehead' is sitting on my lap to keep warm. If I get a few minutes later today I hope to update the Rug Hooking Blog as Cyndi sent me some photos' of the rugs she just mailed off. I still think there are a few finished photo's I am missing, Jo's, Cheryl's & Lois' Rugs?

Back to work have to make sure the Camera & Charger are packed!


Michael I hope you have a safe trip home from your racing Corvettes in Nevada and that you have some exciting weather to report in Chicago!

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