Sunday, January 11, 2009

Glorious Sunday Morning

It is another beautiful day in Central Florida today, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, what is that unusual sound...a rare Florida Bird, Frog, it's me STILL COUGHING!

If you don't homeschool sorry you may not find this as funny as us Homeschooling Moms

*A Homeschool Mom’s New Year’s Resolutions*

I will not be late for field trips, classes, parties, doctor's
appointments, church or any other important events, even if I have to take the baby 'as is.'

I will limit my email/facebook to two hours a day so I can remember to feed the children.

I will quit stealing grocery money to buy more books at the local library sale.

I will never again try to figure out how everything we do & purchase is a tax deduction for education.

I promise not to get mad or yell at anybody before church, even if the children have to go with one shoe and unmatched socks.

I will quit hiding in the bathroom when the children overwhelm me.

I will start a home business to finance my book addiction. I think I'll start with buying and selling books on eBay.

I promise myself I will lose 20 pounds before my high school reunion in June.

I promise to read all the neat books I bought to the children before I sell them on eBay.

I promise to put $20 every week into my Education Envelope so I don't cry in the
vendor hall at our local homeschool convention this spring.

I will go to bed on time so I can wake up before the baby, even if I have to leave the dishes in the sink, again.

I will wash the car every week and clean it out after every trip out of town.

I promise to control all conflict, including screaming, kicking, throwing things, slamming
doors, pouting, fighting, leaving, locking people in the bathroom, and other such childish behavior, when I don't get my way.

I promise to read to the children every night and quit pretending I'm asleep.

I promise not to usurp the answering machine's authority.

I promise not to hog the computer once my husband has come home from work even
though he only wants to play solitaire.

I promise to try to think of one positive thing to tell my husband when he comes home
from work before I unload on him the 20 things that went wrong.

I will try not to buy one more math program.

I promise to teach my children the correct response to store clerks and bank tellers so
they don't reply, 'I don't go to school.'

I promise to quit bribing my children to be quiet by paying them money or candy.

I promise to read all the books I own before I buy anymore.

Enjoy these as I go relax on the lanai and soak up the sun poolside and for those of you who live in the frozen northern tundra...I am sorry. :-(

Blessings 2 U Friends

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