Friday, May 30, 2008

Vacation Mentality

With the weather being almost perfect I find myself not wanting to do much of anything these days.

Problem is that I have TONS I need to get done every day.

FIRST I want to thank Rachael of Blueshed Craftsfts....Rachael lives over the pond
and is always the dearest most thoughtful human being I have met on Etsy.
She asked to post my mini etsy code on her blog..RACHAEL YOU ARE A DEAR!!!

Secondly a quick shout out to a customer who moved to LA & will be coming back to Lakeland for a visit & shopping at my house....

Back to our adventure, I really want to finish this up soon!!

We headed into W. Virginia and the car ran beautifully after $600 for a new fuel pump!
The good news is that the gas was going back down at this point in time!!! LOL

We were almost out of West Virginia when I asked to stop at Tamarack WOW what an amazing place & very inspiring!

After some deliberation we decided to stop and call my friend Lori to see just how far she was from Tamarack.
We came to the decision it was close enough to detour over to visit her farm & shop on Saturday.
After getting a GOOD cup of Coffee, a brownie to split (because of course it has wheat in it) we headed east!

After driving awhile we knew we wouldn't make it before nightfall so we stopped in White Sulphur Springs at the Greenbrier State Forest and camped in the mountains.

Off to Lori's from the Forest

Oh Otis is SOOOO Excited!

We're HERE only 2 hours later than expected!

After spending at least an hour in the shop we went to the pasture.

Lori's DH brought out grain for Sahara to feed the sheep

Look at the feeder hanging ....can you see all the little goldfinches?
After a long goodbye & promises to return this fall, maybe even sooner we hit the road again

Reaching just outside of Columbia S.C. at 10 pm we camped overnight.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cracker Barrel

We had to take the Trailer in for some 'hopefully' minor the leak near the slide out when it rains,
here in FL that will be almost every day for the next 7 months if things go normally.
So after we drove it over & dropped it off we stopped next door at The Cracker Barrel for dinner.
I DO LOVE their rocking chairs all lined up out front, very inviting!

This is only my second EVER time eating there!
It wasn't bad either however my favorite part was shopping while we waited for our meal.
If I could only get paid to shop, my husband says I am a PRO at shopping, who else could find
2 books and a t-shirt that she had to have while at dinner? :-)

One is educational of course, the other is both educational and fun.
The t-shirt.......well that was purely a splurge.

The trip saga continued....
We got as far as Marietta, OH when we knew the Suburban would not make it another block
(it died 3 times in the last 1/2 mile) so we pulled into an Auto Zone & ran a check on the engine...
a few possibilities and parts later still didn't fix the problem
so the nice guy that worked their told us where the nearest Chevy Dealer was located
and a 'nicer' place to camp than the one where we were headed.

So we camped riverside in Reno OH, while the place wasn't 'high end'
it was clean and the other campers we saw were very nice.
I really hated to think what the other place would have been like.

Larry & Tyler took the Burb in first thing the next morning while Sahara & I cleaned the camper,
hand washed some items & hung them out to dry...the wind was picking up & I could only think of
THE WIZARD OF OZ... I was able to get a signal & checked mail and made a few calls to let folks know
what the situation was with the car.

The dealer brought the boys back after 3 hours to wait while they finished the was the fuel pump,
which had been replaced a few years earlier...hmmm.
Sahara & I took the dogs down to the river...apparently just 1500 yrds from where George Washington camped.
We saw a river boat and Otis drank some of the water NOT a smart move Otis!

Then Larry took them both down to the boat ramp to crawl around at waters edge.

We finally hit the road around 4pm WEST VIRGINIA HERE WE COME!!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Let me start by saying I don't normally watch the races or at least all of the races I usually watch the last 1/4 for the crashes!

Since Danica started racing I have watched the entire race and I was sooo rooting for her to win Indy this year!
Not only was she robbed of that chance
she was robbed of the chance to KICK that BOYS BUTT!

I hope he doesn't shoot me....

Or get upset that I am posting these but I have to share these photo's of our Pastor from earlier today...

Aren't these amazing?

Looks like fun & what a beautiful day to boot!

I just saw this verse & it sure seemed appropriate

Beyond the sunlight & the clouds
Beyond the weary & the crowds
Where weary feet have never passed
There Jesus gives his loved ones rest.

Blessings 2 U Friends

Thank you all!

I have to thank Kelley for posting a comment because I completely forgot I hadn't updated anyone on Calvin's tests.
Friday night I had to pick up the eldest daughter after she dropped her car off at a friends to be fixed & took her home...all while driving the stick with Otis on my arm.
Saturday I had to pick her up, take her to work & get to the shop by 8:30 for Primitive Class. Got the call at 11:30 that he has HYPOthyroid. Normal for a cat is 4 and under, Calvin's is 18 so his body is burning up all his muscle tissue. . .
I would be happy to trade some of my slow for his fast and even the deal out!

There are some other stuff but first we are getting his thyroid back to 'normal' and his bladder infection cleared up. This could be why his front ligaments are hyper extended there is no muscle tissue there to support his legs. Poor thing!

So he has to have meds 2 x a day for the next 2wks for his Thyroid and 1x a day for his bladder. In the meantime his appetite has returned and he is eating special treats (chicken, fish, goat milk, raw milk cheese) every 3 -4 hours.

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS! Hopefully we can help him regain some muscle & fat now!

In the meantime I have been hooking two of the UFO rugs, Un Finished Objects (Hooked Rugs). One is ready to mail to the next hooker on the trail & the other is just about ready!

I started this on PRHG about a month ago with a dozen hookers. We picked a rug that we hadn't hooked or started hooking and gave up on under 2ft x 2ft to send on the road.
Each person hooks about 4" x 4" of the rug and mails it off to the next person who does the same thing. Each hooker is to take a picture of the rug while they hook it or when they are finished with their portion. They can send along a note with the rug detailing their experience for the rug owner. Some included a journal to keep with the rug and one lady even sent small wool magnets she made for all the ladies hooking her rug.
This has been a fun experience because you can hook a small area & know your contributing to a whole piece without getting bored with it.

I will be posting photo's of each rug's progress and the finished rugs on PRHG's Blog when they have traveled the country & returned home. So check there often!

Here is a photo or two from the trip home .... Our first 'offical' campground (not Denise's front yard) in Berlin, Ohio

Downtown Millersburg

And The Local Amish in their Horse & Buggy....I swear they just ride around town like employees at Disney as part of the atmosphere.

OKay off to clean house before guests arrive!


Blessings 2 U Friend!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Free for ALL

I can't believe just how fast this year is flying by already...can you?
This morning was another trip to the Vet with our dear old man Calvin...
after we got home from Grandma's funeral he seemed a little lighter than normal
then the following week I was at the shop working & didn't notice much after getting home each night.
Wednesday Night I picked him up and felt nothing but bones so I called Dr. Mac Thursday Morning and we took him in this morning.
Poor baby has lost 3 lbs in the last 2 months and is about 6 lbs which is half of what he weighed last January.
So after X-raying his bladder for stones again we drew blood and urine...definitely a bladder infection again so he is back on antibiotics *he & Sahara for her tick bite* His blood serum was a dark yellow so we are having a complete blood work done up and should have the results back in the morning......Please pray it is something we can cure simply & easily!!

He has been a member of our family for more than 13 yrs and I don't know if we are able to handle another family loss right now.

Here are some photos of the day we left Illinois to come back home April 30th, this is Illinois Beach State Park..

They are so friendly they came when I called them

This poor thing apparently had it's bottom jaw shot off.

Here is Otis & I in the car grading papers and talking to the Queen & Julie (two Ohio Hookers) as we left Indiana & Headed into Ohio.

These are somewhere outside Mansfield Oh?

Then sunset over a Loudonville farm

Then Nashville OH where the car decided it wanted another time out as it kept bogging out on all the hills..

Afterwards we trudged along to Berlin, Oh Amish Country USA

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Took the player off

I removed the music player for a while...seems I couldn't find the songs I really wanted to add so I found their videos & added them instead.
Click on the videos if you want to hear some music...Just scroll to the bottom of the page & you can press play then watch or read.

Oh and I was added to another treasury today by Maple

What another sweet blessing! Thank you Maple!

Blessings 2 U Friends

Monday, May 19, 2008

Small Blessings right when you need them

I have to admit I have been somewhat blue this past week or two...I really had hoped to take a small 'holiday' at the beach this upcoming weekend but alas it was not to be...

So today while trying to get through more cleaning & my other domestic diva tasks the doorbell rings,
most folks would be thrilled at the distraction, however in my home the doorbell ringing sets EVERYONE of the dogs into a barking frenzy. Just in case I didn't hear that doorbell they feel it necessary to go into full attack mode.

After allowing the mail lady to return down my front yard to her Jeep I opened the door to see two packages on the stoop.
I opened the first & it is the book I recently ordered, I can't wait to devour it.
The second is a larger box and I set it aside to take care of another more pressing task or two not returning to the box for a couple hours. I opened it to find my wool swap partner Lois has been far more efficient than I in getting her Red, White & Blue Swap to me. A lovely bundle of red, white and blue wools tied with a grossgrain ribbon that has 2 hand dyed skeins of red & blue floss looped through. If that isn't more than enough there is a cutter quilt pillow in the box also, with 2 Scotty Dogs stamped onto it.
I promise to post a photo tomorrow.

Tonight right before I was going to go to bed I received an email from an Etsy member...she has chosen one of my items for her treasury.
I was so happy I had to boot this machine back up & write her a thank you note. Cara you lifted my spirits!

A treasury is difficult to get as there are 60,000 members and you have to be online at just the right time. When you are fortunate enough to snag one you fill it with your favorite items from Etsy. Then Etsy will post Treasurys on the home page, rotating them for all to see.

Then, I don't recall why, I went to my friends blog, who lives over the pond, to see what is new with her & I found the sweetest note in her profile. She said my silly blog is her Favorite, another little virtual hug from two ladies I have never met but have been Angels, delivering a virtual hug to someone else!
Thank you!

Oh we received some much needed rain today, we still need more but we are thankful for the rain we received today!

May you be aware of your blessings and may you be one to someone else today!

Blessings 2 U Friends

Friday, May 16, 2008

TGIF....ya I know that is ssooooo old

But I feel old today. . . I am really THANKFUL GOD that it is Friday!

DH is due home this evening after being in Chicago (northern suburbs anyway) since Monday.
I have been working at the shop every day this week....the kids have done minimal school work because they know Mom is toast by the time we get home & drag our stuff in the house, feed the dogs, clean up puddles, grab a bite before making lunches, cleaning up, rotating laundry and falling into bed.

Now I REMEMBER why I like working from home, for myself....I AM TOO OLD to do the 9-5 thing anymore. . . Although my 9 - 5 thing used to be more of 6 - Midnight and I honestly think I used up the 'reserves' I should have saved for my 40's.

So I hope you ALL have a relaxing weekend, don't try to do it all you may need that energy reserve for another day!

Just a quick snapshot of Little Bunny Foo Foo who has become like another family member here.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday, Monday or Tuesday? ALL of the above!

BFF's Daughter Jen & her daughter Kayley

BFF's Daughter Ashley
Ashley's kids were all downstairs playing so I didn't get a picture of them:-(

Emma just loves sitting on the top of Otis

Rachie wanted to get in the picture & show a little love to Emma

Jessica saying goodbye to her 1/2 sister Rachel

The cloud factory (as Tim used to call it)

Tomorrow the trip home....

Blessings 2 U Friends

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Saga continues (in photos)

While at Dick's Last Resort I signed the table for the last time I was there, 10 yrs earlier with Cheri & David after the band played somewhere downtown.

This was after the drive thru viewing of MOSI, which the kids were very disappointed that we had to leave so quickly but Tim had a plane to catch.

Here was the side of a building somewhere near North & Ohio Streets.

The kids in the car en route to Cheri's for a visit after leaving Dick's

Okay time to clean up the Mother's Day mess!

Happy Mother's Day to all you women, you are a nurturing & loving person to someone in your life and that is a part of ALL women.

Blessings 2 U Friends

Friday, May 09, 2008

Still playing catch up....more photo's

Here are a few more photos to try to get caught up


Friday Night with some of the in-laws & Out-Laws at Avalon

In-Law Amy, Out-Law Stacey, In-Law Scoot

Out-Law Patti, In-Law Lance, Out-Law Don (who maybe in witness protection)

Or maybe Italians just don't want their photo's taken?

When we were younger the photo's were always taken where Maureen was on Brenda's lap & I was on Rick's lap
Since we are all a bit heavier these days we sat in chairs at first.

I was going to insert one from the DVD movie they showed at the Wake however I can't figure out how to capture the image since it is a movie. Will have to look for those photos later.

Blessings 2 U Friends