Friday, May 30, 2008

Vacation Mentality

With the weather being almost perfect I find myself not wanting to do much of anything these days.

Problem is that I have TONS I need to get done every day.

FIRST I want to thank Rachael of Blueshed Craftsfts....Rachael lives over the pond
and is always the dearest most thoughtful human being I have met on Etsy.
She asked to post my mini etsy code on her blog..RACHAEL YOU ARE A DEAR!!!

Secondly a quick shout out to a customer who moved to LA & will be coming back to Lakeland for a visit & shopping at my house....

Back to our adventure, I really want to finish this up soon!!

We headed into W. Virginia and the car ran beautifully after $600 for a new fuel pump!
The good news is that the gas was going back down at this point in time!!! LOL

We were almost out of West Virginia when I asked to stop at Tamarack WOW what an amazing place & very inspiring!

After some deliberation we decided to stop and call my friend Lori to see just how far she was from Tamarack.
We came to the decision it was close enough to detour over to visit her farm & shop on Saturday.
After getting a GOOD cup of Coffee, a brownie to split (because of course it has wheat in it) we headed east!

After driving awhile we knew we wouldn't make it before nightfall so we stopped in White Sulphur Springs at the Greenbrier State Forest and camped in the mountains.

Off to Lori's from the Forest

Oh Otis is SOOOO Excited!

We're HERE only 2 hours later than expected!

After spending at least an hour in the shop we went to the pasture.

Lori's DH brought out grain for Sahara to feed the sheep

Look at the feeder hanging ....can you see all the little goldfinches?
After a long goodbye & promises to return this fall, maybe even sooner we hit the road again

Reaching just outside of Columbia S.C. at 10 pm we camped overnight.

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