Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wednesday started the long trip homeward

Packing to hit the road 4/23 8pm

Sahara being silly Thursday Morning after catching 40 winks in a gas station parking lot in Valdosta

Just outside Talladega Raceway Thursday afternoon

Tyler watching Monty Pythons Holy Grail on the laptop Thursday Night in Tennessee

We started out extra early on Wednesday as we knew how tough our leaving would be on Rachel...
She cried & cried, which made me cry.
Even though we started out by 7 or 8 we didn't leave the area until after 10am
We had to drop my BIL's trench coat at a SIL's house (his place was even farther out of the way) then we headed to our C.U.
where I reminded DH that they are closed on Wednesday except for the drive up lanes that maybe he should park & walk up to the drive up window.
Well of course that was somehow an insult to his ego and he pulled out & back around and into the 'taller drive up' area. Barely making it into the middle slot. Then when it was time to leave he looks in the mirrors & realizes he has 1/2 inch on either side of the 29 foot trailer and no real room if he gets it through to turn towards the one lane exit from the drive up.
Gee didn't we have a similar conversation about men not listening to women just a month or so ago?

So Tyler jumps out one side & I the other to try to 'guide' him, which of course isn't sufficient as our pointing in the direction he needs to maneuver he can't hear....well no kidding I am not going to yell in the drive up & draw more attention to the fact we are now STUCK.

So after a few little moves he completely UNHOOKS the camper turns the car & hitches back up then a few more little maneuvers we managed to squeak out. By now I am starting to have a meltdown...which of course he doesn't understand...hmm maybe all of the stress so far this year on top of the last week & then you yelling at us for not guiding you correctly out of the tight squeeze you got us into? Maybe that is it?!!!

We then hit the road to meet my BFF and give her a box of items we didn't bring on Sunday, of course we are in a large parking lot of a distributor and now blocking his trucks from loading up so we quickly get out of there and head through morning rush hour traffic in Chicago on the TORN UP Eden's Expressway.

After getting into Indiana I call my two friends to let them know we are on the way to meet them for lunch (hopefully) but guess what they aren't ready & they didn't figure out how to get one (who doesn't drive) to anywhere in between. So we were going to go to the ones house & back down to the others on our way through the state. Well that wouldn't do either so we picked a spot that had a bunch of cute shops to meet at the next day.

As we are heading to the town where we are to stay in the Wally world lot, because I was told none of the campgrounds were open this early in the year the car starts dying again.
GREAT because it is now starting to get hilly....very hilly.
We get to Berlin around 10:30 after numerous stops & almost not making it at all and find an open campground! WOO HOO

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