Monday, May 26, 2008

Thank you all!

I have to thank Kelley for posting a comment because I completely forgot I hadn't updated anyone on Calvin's tests.
Friday night I had to pick up the eldest daughter after she dropped her car off at a friends to be fixed & took her home...all while driving the stick with Otis on my arm.
Saturday I had to pick her up, take her to work & get to the shop by 8:30 for Primitive Class. Got the call at 11:30 that he has HYPOthyroid. Normal for a cat is 4 and under, Calvin's is 18 so his body is burning up all his muscle tissue. . .
I would be happy to trade some of my slow for his fast and even the deal out!

There are some other stuff but first we are getting his thyroid back to 'normal' and his bladder infection cleared up. This could be why his front ligaments are hyper extended there is no muscle tissue there to support his legs. Poor thing!

So he has to have meds 2 x a day for the next 2wks for his Thyroid and 1x a day for his bladder. In the meantime his appetite has returned and he is eating special treats (chicken, fish, goat milk, raw milk cheese) every 3 -4 hours.

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS! Hopefully we can help him regain some muscle & fat now!

In the meantime I have been hooking two of the UFO rugs, Un Finished Objects (Hooked Rugs). One is ready to mail to the next hooker on the trail & the other is just about ready!

I started this on PRHG about a month ago with a dozen hookers. We picked a rug that we hadn't hooked or started hooking and gave up on under 2ft x 2ft to send on the road.
Each person hooks about 4" x 4" of the rug and mails it off to the next person who does the same thing. Each hooker is to take a picture of the rug while they hook it or when they are finished with their portion. They can send along a note with the rug detailing their experience for the rug owner. Some included a journal to keep with the rug and one lady even sent small wool magnets she made for all the ladies hooking her rug.
This has been a fun experience because you can hook a small area & know your contributing to a whole piece without getting bored with it.

I will be posting photo's of each rug's progress and the finished rugs on PRHG's Blog when they have traveled the country & returned home. So check there often!

Here is a photo or two from the trip home .... Our first 'offical' campground (not Denise's front yard) in Berlin, Ohio

Downtown Millersburg

And The Local Amish in their Horse & Buggy....I swear they just ride around town like employees at Disney as part of the atmosphere.

OKay off to clean house before guests arrive!


Blessings 2 U Friend!

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