Friday, May 02, 2008

Family Fun Day continued...

Tyler & I took Jessica to Milkwaukee airport and Larry took Sahara & Rachel to Uncle Big Bobs so he could check out the car. We drove over to Paddock Lake afterwards & visited with Aunt Laurel, my sil, while the girls played dolls & Tyler tried to turn on the Wii. Bradley finally came home and got things going and after the spark plugs were replaced, the o2 sensor was replaced and something else.
It took at least an hour to set up each person to look like us as they had more fun making everyone look weirder than usual.

We played bowling on the Wii. I am much better at Wii bowling than real bowling, even while holding a 6yr old I managed a strike or two along with 4 or 5 spares.

Then they all raced cows while I ate my Red Beans & Rice that Bob made for me!

We left our two and Evelyn there, drove past my old house in Millburn. Hubby in front of me knew after turning onto Millburn Rd to pull over by the old cemetary as I was overwhelmed with sorrow. The old house has been completely let go, no one is taking care of it and it is run down. We then headed back past my old stomping grounds where I have spent hours hiking through the woods behind Tom's grandparents farm near the Lippizan Stables. While heading into Wadsworth Larry stopped to put gas in Denise's Tahoe and I tried calling my 'boyfriend' David to see if he was home & I could run by & say hi to him & his parents...Got voicemail so he was probably at Spin Class.
Drove by Dianes' house and her parents next door but didn't see anyone so I headed back to Denises.
We started the cleaning & packing of the stray items around her house. The kids came home and Uncle Bob & Aunt Laurel got to see the home on wheels.

Time finally for bed at midnight again hoping to help make this departure easy on Denise by leaving at the same time she has to take Rachel to the sitter.

Blessings 2 U Friends

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