Friday, May 16, 2008

TGIF....ya I know that is ssooooo old

But I feel old today. . . I am really THANKFUL GOD that it is Friday!

DH is due home this evening after being in Chicago (northern suburbs anyway) since Monday.
I have been working at the shop every day this week....the kids have done minimal school work because they know Mom is toast by the time we get home & drag our stuff in the house, feed the dogs, clean up puddles, grab a bite before making lunches, cleaning up, rotating laundry and falling into bed.

Now I REMEMBER why I like working from home, for myself....I AM TOO OLD to do the 9-5 thing anymore. . . Although my 9 - 5 thing used to be more of 6 - Midnight and I honestly think I used up the 'reserves' I should have saved for my 40's.

So I hope you ALL have a relaxing weekend, don't try to do it all you may need that energy reserve for another day!

Just a quick snapshot of Little Bunny Foo Foo who has become like another family member here.

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Rachael said...

Oh I love the Bunny!