Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cracker Barrel

We had to take the Trailer in for some 'hopefully' minor the leak near the slide out when it rains,
here in FL that will be almost every day for the next 7 months if things go normally.
So after we drove it over & dropped it off we stopped next door at The Cracker Barrel for dinner.
I DO LOVE their rocking chairs all lined up out front, very inviting!

This is only my second EVER time eating there!
It wasn't bad either however my favorite part was shopping while we waited for our meal.
If I could only get paid to shop, my husband says I am a PRO at shopping, who else could find
2 books and a t-shirt that she had to have while at dinner? :-)

One is educational of course, the other is both educational and fun.
The t-shirt.......well that was purely a splurge.

The trip saga continued....
We got as far as Marietta, OH when we knew the Suburban would not make it another block
(it died 3 times in the last 1/2 mile) so we pulled into an Auto Zone & ran a check on the engine...
a few possibilities and parts later still didn't fix the problem
so the nice guy that worked their told us where the nearest Chevy Dealer was located
and a 'nicer' place to camp than the one where we were headed.

So we camped riverside in Reno OH, while the place wasn't 'high end'
it was clean and the other campers we saw were very nice.
I really hated to think what the other place would have been like.

Larry & Tyler took the Burb in first thing the next morning while Sahara & I cleaned the camper,
hand washed some items & hung them out to dry...the wind was picking up & I could only think of
THE WIZARD OF OZ... I was able to get a signal & checked mail and made a few calls to let folks know
what the situation was with the car.

The dealer brought the boys back after 3 hours to wait while they finished the was the fuel pump,
which had been replaced a few years earlier...hmmm.
Sahara & I took the dogs down to the river...apparently just 1500 yrds from where George Washington camped.
We saw a river boat and Otis drank some of the water NOT a smart move Otis!

Then Larry took them both down to the boat ramp to crawl around at waters edge.

We finally hit the road around 4pm WEST VIRGINIA HERE WE COME!!

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Neas Nuttiness said...

Tammy - Cracker Barrel is one of my favorites. Everyone laughs at me because I get a CARB PLATE. The vegetable plate with: dumplings, stuffing (or dressing - whatever you want to call it), hashbrown casserole and mashed potatoes!!! YUM They have a really good Rueban too. Did I spell that right?
Any-hoo ~~ I love the shopping there too. My husband can't stand it. He hates "just looking", but he dislikes "buying" even more!!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.