Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Uncle Big Bog & too much family fun!

I can not believe how fast this week has flown by...granted we had things planned from the moment we arrived on Friday until Monday. NON STOP!

So after Monday's Clean Up we decided it was too RAINY & COLD to go to the Zoo. We headed to the camper store to purchase the electrical adapter plug so we could actually plug in and have heat it is once again going to be BELOW 35 degrees tonight. Then it was off to Tarjay for something WARMER to wear.
While the girls & I shopped Larry went back to plug in the camper.
I found an adorable prim gold
Uncle Big Bob was hauling something for someone so we weren't goint to Paddock Lake I decided to give Denise a living room redesign(as a thank you for allowing us to take over her yard, home, life & daughter.
Amazingly my family all scattered like cockroaches not to be seen again for hours... This was an amazing feat since her house has only 2 bedrooms & 1 bath beside the kitchen/living room & basement. Larry headed to the camper, Jessica went to take a nap, the other kids went into the basement to play. They know I have to move the furniture at least 3 positions until I decide on a final layout.

So after moving the sleeper sofa 2 times and the chair 3 times I figured it out & by then Denise was home from work. Of course then Larry was available to help move the piano & sofa for the final time. He then took leave, while I vac'd and put together more of the room, to make dinner. Denise & I moved the bookcase into her bedroom & finally ate dinner around 8pm.

Exhausted we cleaned up the kitchen and headed to bed. However by then I was catching my second wind & so I decided to finish the job and finally headed to bed at midnight.

Tuesday I had to wake up early to get Jessica to the Milwaukee airport while Larry took the girls to Uncle Big Bobs to have the car checked out.

will have to continue this saga tomorrow as I am beat & I don't want to loose this post again

Blessings 2 U Friends

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