Thursday, April 24, 2008

We finally hit the road last night around 8:45 with help er pushing from Jessica and her boyfriend Gabe who literally tossed our stuff in the camper and car

I prayed the entire way to Valdosta where we stopped finally at 2am this morning
only to be awakened by our Jack Russell alarm system at 5:00 am because someone else pulled in alongside us
we contemplated hitting the road but thought better of it since we only had 5 hours sleep the previous few night and
a few emotionally stressful days
So we dozed back off until the alarms went off again at 6 am tthen we finally woke up and got things moving at 8:30
Thanks to SHOVE them out the door Jessica I didn't grab my phone cable, blankets or food for me
so until we were able to find a Wally world in Perry where we could buy another the phone only was turned on for a few minutes to check for messages.
I thought the White knuckle navigating was over but no nearing Atlanta the car sputtering when we tried to accelerated to the point of us only going 10 mph on the interstate
we stopped a few times walked the dogs let the car rest and grabbed a banana or ice tea from the trailer fridge as we headed west into Alabama where I had never been before
thinking the terrain would be less steep and easier on the car
we were passed by a few dozen trucks hauling nascars to Talladega for the races
I wasn't able to power up fast enough to snap a picture of the thousands of folks camping around the track but at the next gas stop I was able to call The Queen returning her message from last night and back on the road we went through Birmingham and into Tennessee where the car started doggin' out again where I scrambled to send out an emergency prayer request although if we were going to break down I couldn't have picked a better place than the home town of Peter Furler of The Newsboys.
We even thought of tracking down Carmen, Bill & Dave at the Dove Awards to bring everyone out to lay hands on the car and pray.
Nashville is beautiful at night!
We are currently in Springfield throwing down I rings a burger & my hometown favorite A&W Rootbeer. Got a call from Jessica she was boarding her Connecting flight from Charlotte to Milwaukee
too bad her clothes are in our camper VBG

Just want say a special Thank You to GOD for getting us this far safely and to Pastor Dave my sweet friends Polly & Cheryl for responding so quickly to my call for prayer! May GOD continue to richly bless you and yours!

Blessings 2 U All my friends

One last thing the two youngest were able to take their shoes off tonight a walk in REAL Grass not St. Augustine, Bahia or Bermuda that those in Florida refer to as grass but the real honest to goodness thing.

We are now in Kentucky! I hope to upload some pictures tomorrow!

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