Monday, April 14, 2008

Time with some friends

We spend way too much time rushing to get things done these days. I know I have mentioned this before, even have a song that was featured a while back on the subject (which if you haven't heard click on Running Just to Catch Myself on the playlist)...

There is something to say about spending an hour or two with friends...not just your best friend or the girls you normally hang out with but friends you don't seem to get together with as often as you used to or you should!

Yesterday our Church hosted it's annual Corn Roast at the Sun N Fun Fly-In , I haven't attended in years past because I am volunteering the entire week in the Ladies Pavilion. This year the Pavilion didn't have that many people & I wasn't called. So I was able to attend. We host this big cook out in one of our Members private hangers to thank St. Stephen's for allowing us to use their facilities for our Sunday Worship, see we are a small Mission Church, a Church Plant.

This is 1/4 of the folks that attended there were more to the right, to the side & behind me. Click on a photo to enlarge.

I sat next to a very funny lady, whom I have known for 9 years but only spent a few minutes chatting with between Sunday School or after service, at a ladies luncheon over that time. Her husband is a jokester and he & I have the same dream to be in the Mountains. Yesterday Barb & I talked between airplane stunts for a couple hours, I was trying to finish a pincushion so I could list it yesterday (hopefully tomorrow) and she and I talked about stitching, fashion and lots of other things but she is funny! At one point a stunt plane was about 25 ft off the ground and heading right towards us, not pulling up...She stood up and was ready to run, she thought it was going to crash.

We watched the Thunderbirds fly over doing maneuvers.

These were all taken with my iphone, can you believe it?!!!!

Tonight I hosted a Princess House Party and it was another fun evening with friends, 2 other ladies from Church who are funny & I do talk with often were here, 2 co-workers who I talk with but haven't had a chance to just hang out with in a long time were here, a dear friend & loyal customer brought a good friend whom I had only heard stories about & saw pictures of were here, my hooking & dyeing buddy Susan joined us, Ed the Consultants friend that helped her 2 years ago made the trip over from Tampa *he is a riot*, and my eldest daughter arrived early and lent a hand with last minute preparations.
Then my DH stopped at the Grocery store on his way home from work picked up a few goodies for the ladies and even baked them Strawberry White Chocolate Scones.

It was truly and enjoyable is a shame we have to have a 'special' occasion to get together with friends these days, because it is time WELL spent!

Invite some folks over for dessert even if it is a workday, don't say your too busy or too tired because everyone is and spending time with people you care about, talking & laughing is the BEST CURE for a rushed life and a long day!

Blessings 2 U Friend

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