Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring Showers

April is supposed to be the DRYEST month of the year here in Florida. So far it has rained every day!
Today would be the perfect day to sit on the lanai & hook.... but alas I spent the entire day spring cleaning...
not my house but the PRHG Ebay Group Boards. Today Julie & I are going to be working on the blog.
Then I really need to CLEAN my house.

My bed is made though and according to Queen Sherry I will walk 4 miles this year just making my bed...woo hoo

Hubby dear was gone at the Punta Gorda air show Friday & Saturday...he looks like a tourist since he forgot he works in an office and has NO base tan therefore he should have used sunscreen BEFORE he got burned. He has packing to do & tax filing to finish before he leaves again tomorrow for Chicago. My pack mule will be taking a Large box of misc. items up to my girlfriend Cheri (wife #2) and bringing back the goodies he left without the last time he was there in December.

Sorry no photo's for now, I am on the laptop & all my photos are on the desktop or phone ....maybe after the Lightening subsides I can upload a beautful glass window in our current sanctuary that I think would make a stunning rug pattern.

Blessings 2 U Friend


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Rachael said...

We have odd weather here in the UK too Tammy. We've had it hot and sunny one day followed by snow storms the next.This time last year we could have been on the beach as it was so warm, now we have frost and snow. Amazing!