Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Seriously!!! I had to pull up my calendar....what a weekend!!

Saturday morning had to get out of bed bright & early (will tell you the reason later)

Afterwards I had to get ready for an early Brunch Baby Shower, afterwards we had to deliver our gift & set it up.
4-1 Crib/Bed in Cherry (which of course is my favorite wood so brownie points to my DIL)

Then it was off to the new location for CHURCH to help clean & set up for Sundays Installation of our Skydiving Vicar, as Rachael called him...lol

Back to pick up my car from my son & dil's apartment

We then headed home for showers a quick bite to eat & off to the Piano Year End Awards Recital
Finally after o dark thirty we got home had a late bite & off to bed as church services were going to be VERY early as we had to drive farther now!

Sunday awake & out the door before 9am to work the Nursery for the Installation of Pastor Dave.
Afterwards we came home, changed clothes headed off to Lowes to get some items and while there guess what it RAINS, not just a summer rain but BUCKETS of RAIN...You would think we never saw rain before....called home, which mind you is a mile south of the store...nope not a drop, sunny & hot, the lady next to me in the aisle also called her house...no answer which means it isn't raining because her hubby is out doing yard work. LOL she lives a few blocks s.e. of my house.

This probably isn't quite as interesting to some folks but you see it has rained ALL OVER Florida for the last year, with the exception of our HILL in the Highlands. I KID YOU NOT!
Since they finished bulldozing the groves around us & put up more houses August 2006 we have gotten ALOT less rain here on the hilltop.

When we arrived home & went to plant the 3 little bushes & flowers we purchased it was smokey & dark thundering clouds were just south of us (1/2 mile) Smokey was because of the brush fire just across the main road where the clouds were and we hustled, just in case it rained on us, to get those bushes in the ground (the others died from lack of rain at the top of our yard)

Well after almost getting jolted when lightening struck up the hill and surged our power off while trimming the Hibiscus next to the pool pump & stung by a wasp while trimming the palms I gave up & went inside.
Finally we received about 1/8th of an inch of rain WOO HOO!

Yesterday it rained all around us again but nothing on us so we had to water the bushes & plants.

OH yeah why I have been waking up really early lately?
Last night my daughter can hardly keep her eyes open...seems she needs to reset her alarm clock and doesn't know how...'what time is it set for Sahara?' 6AM?!!!!
The alarm goes off and wakes up our oldest Boston, who now wants to go outside & have breakfast!
The thing is NO ONE ELSE hears him when he tries to wake them with his grunting squeeks EXCEPT ME!!!

Harley is the one on the left who naps after breakfast, naps after his mid-morning potty break, naps after his lunch potty break, naps after mid afternoon potty & play break, naps after dinner UGH!

Well that got fixed & I was able to sleep in this morning until 7 am YIPPEE!

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