Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My personal trainer & I worked out today

Let me start by saying I used to be in better shape, not great but better
Not only before I gave birth to 4 kids but a year ago ...
a year ago I walked (hills mind you not rolling but steep) 4 miles a day just for exercise
But things came along...like work and the FLORIDA HEAT so I put walking at the bottom of the to do list.

Well last Thursday I met with my personal trainer for the first time in a year...
PHEW let me be the first to say I am seriously out of shape again.
He put me through my paces and according to my heart rate monitor I burned off 500 calories which was good because I ate those and then some while camping last weekend.

So today we met again and again he put me through my paces but I got to take a water break right now so I decided to cool off & blog for a moment.

A vistor we had at camp on Saturday afternoon

This is the first Raccoon I have seen in Florida
Here are a few photos of the storm we drove (or tried to drive) through on the way home Sunday afternoon...

Can you see the grey in the distance?

We had to slow down from 55 to 25 here
Can you see the oncoming traffic ?

Look again they are closer now

Finally a spot to pull over in the right turn lane as we stopped two lawn chairs came flying by from GOD only knows where..
reminded me of the Wizard of Oz.

Can you see the green in the middle of the median?

Then as we came into town this was over our area

No we didn't beat it

I had to stand in the rain with a blanket directly Larry back up into the driveway...

Okay my break is up back to 'work'.

Blessings 2 U Friends

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