Monday, October 06, 2008


What a beautiful start to Saturday Morning, cooler than normal temps, sun shining, birds chirping and coffee brewing.
Even though I gave up coffee and only have a cup occasionally that smell just wakes my brain up!

Erin was the first to arrive our first time meeting, her sister attends my church but she was referred by my neighbor Jan, the mystery shopper & the neighbor for whom I dog sit.
Second to arrive was Adele Allison, who Erin & Kristen had as a teacher in high school.
Not far behind was Patti & Twinkle and Twinkles friend Veronica.
In true Crop fashion the first door prize was won by someone who was not here....Jaye. . .
Usually at Celebrate events Twinkle is the 1st to win the door prize out of 1000 women and she isn't at the event yet!

Veronica finishing her first page

Erin & Twinkle

Twinkle winning a door prize

Ms. Adele working hard to get her photo's cropped!

Ann Patti Mary, Patti Mary Ann & Jaye

After our lunch break we made some Halloween Tags

More food, Pumpkin Cake & door prizes...

Twinkle left to officiate a wedding...

Even after answering calls from work all day Jaye caught on, if you want to win a prize don't be in the room, so she left to the washroom for the Grand Prize Drawing .....


I have a feeling I will be calling the next Grand Prize number in an empty room!

Blessings 2 U Friends!


Neas Nuttiness said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there. I miss cropping with friends. (I did get to see Twinkle when we where in Florida in August.) You will be proud of me. I've finished 3 albums in the last couple of months! - Have you seen "Princess House Tina" lately? I've just had her on my mind lately. Take Care!
PS - How is Casper?

Tammy said...

We wished you could have joined us also! So glad your getting albums done...I finished one on Saturday, it is going to be a Christmas Present for a family member (not saying who in case they read this).
Just a few details & it is getting wrapped!

Not seen her or heard from her in a while.

Casper is doing okay his abdomen is still tender but he is eating and things seem to be 'normal' I am still watching for any foreign objects to show up in the yard.