Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The choice is yours

You have been given today...what will you do with it?

You have a choice you can be hopeful or fearful...if you listen to the news we should be fearful however I choose hopeful.
I know there are things I can do to tighten our belts a little more. Choices may be uncomfortable for some or downright painful for others but it is your choice.

I am so thankful for a Grandmother who lived through the depression, she taught me to hang my laundry to dry and not use electricity or gas for something GOD gives us FREE each day.

Patch a pair of Jeans instead of tossing them in the trash
OH by the way when did Jeans get so darn expensive? Who in their right mind pays more than $30 for a new pair of jeans?
Their isn't a pair on the market that can make you look 19 yrs old again TRUST ME!!! If there was every other jean company would be out of business.

Hey when they are too ratty to even wear out to do yard work (yes yard work just think of the money you will save by caring for your own yard?!! Not to mention the money you will save working out at home & not the gym or the Y.....)

Take those jeans & patch another pair of jeans or tear them into strips & braid a rug, make one of those outrageously high priced 'booty bags' yourself.

Shop at the consignment stores you know some of these folks are going to have to sell off those name brand expensive items!

Don't wash the clothes unless you have a FULL load the same goes for the dishwasher, if you need something & can not wait then wash it by hand.

As a single mother for many years those lessons came in real handy when we didn't have money to pay for the things.
Even later we did things to keep our money, we turned the thermostat down and wore another layer of clothing in the winter. Blankets kept the drafts out by covering the windows and tucked under doors, leftovers became a brand new meal the next day. In the summer a box fan brought up cool air from the cellar because we didn't have central air-conditioning.
Playing outside instead of sitting in front of the television required imagination and social skills.

When we needed to re-roof our old home my husbands family & friends came & helped tear off the 140 yrs of roofing and put on a new roof and we gladly cooked for and fed them! It may have taken a few days longer than a company but we all spent that time together working and having fun.

Jessica & Tyler Supervising Grandpa & Uncle Scoot

Me 3 months pregnant & BIL Lance threatening to toss me off the roof while BIL Scoot decides who to help

There are thousands of ways to save a few bucks each day & month. Implement one and make it a habit.
Our foremothers & forefathers called it making due, make due with what you have or find a creative way to do without.

So Choose, this day, who you will serve...

Blessings 2 U Friends


coinguyslady said...

Tammy, I am so with you on this post.We are living in a time that "making Do" may save us.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Hey - is this house, where your current front door came from? I check your blog everyday - drop by mine once in a while!

Tammy said...

Hi Libby,
The Crop room door and the library doors came from an old farmhouse down the street that was being razed for a subdivision. Larry was the Road Commissioner and the property owners knew we loved old things so they gave us salvage rights to the houses.
Our bedposts were the front porch posts the decorative wall shelves were the old window casings.
Send me your blog link I can't get through your profile.