Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some wonderful photo highlights

It really is a challenge using an outdated program to edit photos to this blog so I emailed them all back to my desktop & ask that you forgive any discolorations or less than sharp images as iphoto is still not working on this machine...despite my attempts to restore it from a previous version....UGH
The Birthday Boy
Sahara's turn

Now Larry

Hey don't run over my dogs or kids (Peter's bus)Photobucket

The Newsboys
Sunday Morning looking over the Pasture/Parking lot

Time to leave & head home

Last weekend was a company campout at Hillsborough River State Park
I was completely impressed by the beauty and took over 300 photos....
don't worry I won't post them all here!
Our campsite backed up to the river & the Turkey Buzzard night time roosting tree.
I still haven't learned to mobile blog so I just updated my Facebook Status for family & friends.

Otis & I hiked 4 miles early Saturday Morning before everyone else woke up, we saw King Fishers & Herons.
Then we fed the squirrels breakfast
Squirrel buddy
Later at the cookout/party
Saturdays Party
Saturday Party
Lots of GOOD food and fun!
We sat around the fire that night and cooked more desserts and chatted!
Will post a few more of the critters I saw *More than my 10 years here* and some photos, from Sundays hike & Mondays Canoe trip.

Got to run & get ready for Community Group tonight we are still in the Financial Peace classes.

Blessings 2 U Friends

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Neas Nuttiness said...

Tammy - I got nauseous just LOOKING at those first 3 photos! Did you get in that thing too?

Can't wait to see the critter pictures.