Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Journeyfest...weekend update

We arrived in Brooksville around 5:30 and set up camp, there were only a few other campers already there & a youth group with their tents set up. We pulled in right across the roadway from the Encore Stage (Pavilion) which would be used Saturday.
Friday Night was all Hardcore Metal Bands...seems odd to think Christian Heavy Metal or Screamo as some call it.

We could hear them all just find from our campsite and let Tyler go hang out down in the Main Stage Area...We roasted Marshmallows & played 500 Rummy with Sahara. Tyler rolled back in at 10pm to watch Numbers and play cards with us until Midnight when the music finished.

Saturday I was up early, 4:30am to take the dogs out. Thankfully they all went back to sleep until 8am when we all started the day. We had omelets cooked over the fire then set out to see the vendors & the main stage with Otis, Emma & Casper.
Sahara & I stopped to talk to a young girl who was sitting on a tree drawing...she wanted to pet the dogs. Grethel & Sahara became fast friends & were inseparable the rest of the weekend. Her mother & stepbrother were vending one of the food stands.

Tyler decided on a T-shirt & hat from one of the booths called Remnant Gear where Joel Betancourt & Omar De Pablo have their amazing designed clothing and Joels C.D.'s for sale. I will put their links on the side, be sure to check them out!

More on the rest of the day tomorrow.

Blessings 2 U friends!

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Neas Nuttiness said...

Hope that you are recovering nicely from such a wild weekend. Haven't heard an update on Gavin in several days - hope this means that he is doing better. - Send me a "bill" and info on how you would prefer it be paid.
Miss you - albums just aren't as fun when you do them alone:(