Monday, November 24, 2008

Playing the waiting game

First thank you for your comments & suggestions regarding Gavin.
The formula the G.I. doctor switched him to this weekend did not help while I had him Saturday & apparently that didn't change on Sunday.
So another phone call or three to let them know and the kids are still waiting for them to call back.

I will try to get the photos from Saturdays Hooking Class updated here tomorrow.
Today I had grand intentions of more cleaning *UGH* stripped the linens to wash and left at 11 am, after a half a dozen phone calls & conversations, running errands and took up 5 hours of the day. Returned home with the last few items I need to finish the pre-Thanksgiving prep in time for a quick photo shoot in the back yard of our neighbors & their pups....Bogie & Birdie.
It seems, according to Jan, we have the only evergreen tree in the

Now I have to finish up a few things & grade school papers.

Blessings 2 U Friends

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