Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year New Challenges

Where do I start? I finished my P.R.H.G. Wool Challenge rug a day after our deadline. As soon as the group votes on all the finished rugs I will post a photo & the details.

My eldest son moved home with us as his landlord was jacking their rent up $200 which I have difficulty understanding with the real estate market being in such a slump here in Florida.
This is a temporary stay as he & his gf are now engaged. They can save up some money and hopefully get a little place while it is a buyer's market.

Dec. 31st we received a call that my mother had died. This time she would not recover from her overdose.
Yes prescription drugs are just as dangerous, if not more than illegal drugs. Instead of getting the mental health care she needed 50 yrs ago she learned how to manipulate doctors (lots of them) to get the drugs she wanted.

I have no answers on how to fix the medical system to stop this from happening to others but I can say that families & friends can not ignore the problem this only enables them. Try as we might neither my father or my grandmother would intervein to get her help. My efforts failed and now I am the "awful daugther", which is fine with me I know what we did to help them this May is more than anyone else would have done after they used other family members throughout their lifetime.

GOD bless U friends

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TamboinMO said...

Oh Tamster, So sorry to hear about your mother. My thoughts are with you.