Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sunshine & Icicles

Even with the sun up it is FREEZING here in Central Florida...Global warming my .... er eye

A smart alec friend hit me on facebook this morning to let me know it's going to be 70 in COLORADO!
It is still only 28 degrees here and we might warm up to 55, in the sun I'm sure!

Question of the day..
Have you ever gotten something stuck in your head & just can't stop thinking about it?
Like a song you heard, something someone said to you (Good or Bad), a friend or family member?
A dream, desire, design?
What do you do to stop the endless loop?

More Eye Candy from the show

Received this email first thing this morning and thought it was a riot... if your squeamish look away

I will give you a second..

last chance

Okay you asked for it

I love Terry's sense of humor, he has many more, non violent, sculptures on his blog...check them out

1 comment:

Neas Nuttiness said...

OMGOSH - that picture is a riot.

I had a good time yesterday - thanks so much!

Oh geeeeeeeeeeeesh - I've already forgotten the question you asked in your post.