Friday, February 20, 2009

Party Central

Last Sunday our youngest had her birthday party... Dad decided to rent a Jump Castle since it was her last "non teen" birthday.

Here are a few of the guests...
I have to say they were pretty well behaved...this was a good investment.

Sydney wanted Tyler to play air hockey with her

ever the gentleman he let her win.

I even had time to list my Stamp Collection on Ebay while they bounced.

I tried to take a picture, without flash, of the bodies lined up on the living room floor the next morning but it didn't turn out.

Sunday I left for my ride and Dad made the girls pancakes, they were gone by 1pm then started cleanup until Gabe & Jess arrived then the family party commenced. First a game of UNO then off for a few hours of bowling, followed by dinner at Outback.

I am almost finished with an adorable summer top for Sahara & her doll (the doll is more a dress) I hope to finish that this evening before grading papers.

I am still on a clean & purge binge right now, after being down with this upper respiratory virus most of the week. I decided it was not going to keep me from my appointed task. Tomorrow I hope to repaint the master bathroom after a short ride in the morning.

Blessings 2 U friends


Neas Nuttiness said...

Good grief - you wear me out!
Happy painting, and please...don't fall off the ladder.

Barbara said...

Wow....I thought I was busy...but you are.

Have a great painting time.

Come see me.