Thursday, January 24, 2008

~*I have been tagged!*~ These drugs must be good I didn't even feel it!

There I was just sitting back watching "CHUCK", finishing a snippet bag for one of my Snippet & Tool Stools, which needs to get packed in my suitcase with the others so I can get my clothes in there, when my phone 'dings', which means I have an email.

I put my stitching down to check the mail & I find out I have been TAGGED?!?!??!?

Tagged by my dear friend Betty, who I am learning is a little bit of a stinker sometimes!

Being old I have no idea what the rules are of 'cyber blog tag' I have to research Betty's Blog "primitivebettys" to figure out what I have to do now.

LOL I have to tell you 5 things about myself (gee I guess if you read my blog you would know way more than 5 things about me) and tag five more friends...gee do I have 5 friends?

Okay Okay I will play along, thankfully we have the eldest sons DVR and I can watch the end of CHUCK when I am done!!!

1. I love old things, not antiques, although I do like them too, but old things that most people would throw these old glass bottles I found while hiking through Old Mill Creek when I was 18 they were buried 1/2 way in the mud near what was left of an old farm foundation. They are on my display ledge in my kitchen with lots of other old things I have found or been given.

2. I was adopted as a baby & found out when I was 18 when someone said something to my sister, she came home & told me.

3. I have a 1/2 brother that was born 4 -6 yrs after me, around Christmas, that was also given up for adoption.

4. My Birthmother was also adopted around 4 yrs old, so I would love to find out my family history & nationality.

5. I want desperately to own a farm in the Virginia mountains where I can raise endangered breeds of farm animals & have school children visit on field trips to learn about farm life.

hhhhhmmm who to tag, who to tag

1. Rachael

2. Kelley

3. Kim

4. Kimmie

MORE FUN than a barrel of monkeys

Well Monday night my upper pre-molar was throbbing (not the one that broke) I thought maybe I ate something that got in behind the crappy old filling & irritated the nerve. After taking 4 Motrin & not getting any relief by 11pm I took 2 Nyquil gel thingys and at least slept through the night.

Tuesday I called the Dentist & Marte got me in that afternoon, Cheryl took x-rays which showed that tooth as fractured. JOY!
Dr. Chris asked which tooth I wanted fixed Thursday Morning.....well that was a no brainer!!! He sent me home with a RX for antibiotics & pain meds.

This morning Dr. Chris did the root canal (himself) and I get to go back next week for the other tooth. So far so good, I took 1/2 a pain pill before leaving the office & the other half 2 hours later, before lunch. The novocaine is finally almost completely worn off (the second set of injections) so I just took another 1/2 .

Now I am trying to tie up some loose ends in my office, finish packing for the weekend, pass along a few prayer requests & answer a few emails.

Why is it every year between January & March we seem to have 'emergencies' arise?
Usually it is an appliance or vehicle that breaks down & our tax refund is spent before it is filed. . .
This year it seems it will be spent on Veterinary bills & Dental Bills....Now I will be the 'Million dollar wife" since my two visits will total $600 out of our pockets, WHY DO WE HAVE INSURANCE?

Well back to packing!!!

Blessings 2 U Friend

Monday, January 21, 2008

How not to catch the family cold....

Last week my youngest daughter & my husband caught a NASTY cold.
Seeing the big picture & knowing I am finally going to GET AWAY for two days this weekend (a mini vacation for me) I kept them at arms length all week, no mouth kissing only cheek, washed my hands a hundred more times during the day, upped my Vitamin C intake, ate well, drank plenty of water, got 7hrs a night (okay maybe interrupted by dogs barking at the eldest when he came home) sleep.

Saturday morning I leave bright & early for Primitive Rug Hooking Class leaving DH still in bed now watching tv & the kids somewhat asleep. I arrive back home after lunch and the bed is made. Well now isn't that thoughtful?!!!!

After a LONG emotional day and trying to finish some of the to do list before bed (while watching the radar for 2 hours as we were under Tornado Watches & Warnings) I finally crawl in bed at 11:30 and decide to watch SNL's Tracy Morgan tribute. The only skit I remember is "Brian Fellows" with "The Rock" which was pretty funny.
I proceed to fall asleep propped up on the stack of pillows with my glasses on.

At some point the hubby comes in to remove my glasses & ask if I am watching this? No not really I am asleep! I then moved the pillows down so I didn't throw my back out & dozed back off. Waking up about 3 hours later to a sore throat, stuffy nose & the boys still watching television in the living room (right outside my bedroom door). After telling them to GET TO BED & getting a drink of water I climb back in bed realizing why I feel sick......
My special pillow is lower than his, his is higher 'to prevent snoring' AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
3 hours of breathing in the COLD GERMS that have been on his pillowcase all week long & NOW I HAVE IT!!!!

My nose looks like rudolph, it is runny, I am sneezing constantly, my nose & eyes are itchy & my throat is still sore!!!
I have increased the Vit.C. again, have been rinsing my nose with salt water (trying to flush the germs out) & trying not to rip my nose off my face! At least I found the vaseline to put on it so the 'lotion' tissues don't continue to make it more raw. So now it is a GLOSSY RED NOSE.

They both feel better after 4 days so I am banking on that hoping I will too, even if I don't count yesterday as day 1 that gives me until Thursday, when I have to go to the Dentist for the back molar that broke 1/4 off on Friday.
Thankfully it isn't hurting as there is enough of that silver filling stuff in my mouth to build a small ship!
Where I will get to hear how I need that temp. crown replaced with a permanent one (it's been there about 6yrs and only comes off when I eat something sticky) that the other top molar needs new amalgam since the silver stuff is falling out & that one does hurt occasionally.

NO I am not afraid of the dentist, in fact I LOVE my old dentist, the one in Illinois. I spent most of my childhood in his office NEVER once did I have pain & he pulled out all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth in his office. Even called me at home to find out how I was later that night (mind you this was back in 1981-82. The dentists here only make your teeth clean & white then they send you off to someone else to make you feel the pain, that way you don't HATE them.
However I am wise to the game & they are still the ones who send you off to the 'pain dentist'!

Wonder if my insurance will cover my old dentist if I fly back to Illinois to have dental work.
Dr. Cooper can you pencil me in for next week?

Yesterday while I was just miserable (sick & mourning over little Julian going home to be with the LORD, see my Prayer Warrior link)
I got a wonderful email from a fellow group moderator, she was hooking one of my designs and sent me photos throughout the day of her progress.
This brightened my day especially since I finally finished drawing the last few designs/patterns for my book yesterday.
I just have to have the hubby scan them in & email them to me so I can tweak them in Pages & add the 'fine' print before running them off to sell!! Hopefully this can be done tomorrow night. LOL

On that note here is her finished piece (yes she hooked it in one day, while watching the game even!)

Thank you Irma for sharing this with everyone, you did a wonderful job & I just love the colors you chose.

Folks hug your children, your spouse, your friends, your loved ones life it too short not to appreciate each other!
Hugs to you Irma for lifting my spirits & Hug to you readers for taking the time to stop in & share my life story.

Blessings 2 U Friends

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shutting it down soon....such pretty colors

We are getting ready for the storm front to hit soon, I am dying pots of wool and though OHOH I better go shut down & unplug my puter.
Also need to get the wool off the line & into the dryer....
Check out the pretty colors

Blessings 2 U Friends

Monday, January 14, 2008

Cleaning & Organizing

So what is it about a New Year that makes us want to clean house? Get rid of unwanted/unused items & organize the ones we still can not bring ourselves to get rid of right now?
Is it the "New Year, Fresh Start"? I have gotten almost all of Christmas put away, a few things I can't bring myself to put away just yet, the faux evergreen draping swag across my large display cabinet and the crystal swags on the mantle with the new aqua ornaments I purchased at The Barn after Thanksgiving, there is the Needlepunch item I bought from a fellow PRHG member with an American Santa inside an old mantle clock and my Folk Art Randolph & Stanley (click my Etsy link to see them). These few items make my heart glad & I don't want to put them away just yet.

I am trying to clean out & find some things a new home. I have been blessed with so many things that I feel the need to either sell them (the not so sentimental ones) or find them a new home with someone who will use or appreciate them. Heck I am willing to even barter here...we need a few things done around here that we can't seem to find enough time to do...New Pool Pump, House Painted (inside & out), Landscaping & irrigation work, Floors cleaned & refinished, Carpets removed & hardwood installed, that thin stone put on the lanai deck.

The older two kids really don't have the same taste in decorating or the desire to 'rescue' items that I think should be appreciated and not put in a Landfill, things that you just know have a wonderful history and if they could speak they would tell you stories of where they had been & the things they have seen.
The younger two already have way more than they need and I am trying to 'URGE' them to do the same in their rooms.

I don't know if it was the way my Grandmother made sure to hold onto things because she lived during The Depression, the fact that I had to support myself & the two older children completely on the money I earned for 8 yrs, or the fact that it makes my heart break that our society thinks everything is 'disposable', or I that I keep hoping that there is someone out there that needs & can truly use these items that I can't bring myself to just toss these things.

Okay enough of a break back to work....

Blessings 2 U Friends

Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year New Challenges

Where do I start? I finished my P.R.H.G. Wool Challenge rug a day after our deadline. As soon as the group votes on all the finished rugs I will post a photo & the details.

My eldest son moved home with us as his landlord was jacking their rent up $200 which I have difficulty understanding with the real estate market being in such a slump here in Florida.
This is a temporary stay as he & his gf are now engaged. They can save up some money and hopefully get a little place while it is a buyer's market.

Dec. 31st we received a call that my mother had died. This time she would not recover from her overdose.
Yes prescription drugs are just as dangerous, if not more than illegal drugs. Instead of getting the mental health care she needed 50 yrs ago she learned how to manipulate doctors (lots of them) to get the drugs she wanted.

I have no answers on how to fix the medical system to stop this from happening to others but I can say that families & friends can not ignore the problem this only enables them. Try as we might neither my father or my grandmother would intervein to get her help. My efforts failed and now I am the "awful daugther", which is fine with me I know what we did to help them this May is more than anyone else would have done after they used other family members throughout their lifetime.

GOD bless U friends