Friday, February 29, 2008


You all know FRIDAY is my FAVORITE Day of the week, but how about a BONUS FRIDAY?!!
Once every 4 years we get an extra day & this time it is a FRIDAY!

Today it warmed up a little more too!
Which is great because I can not seem to stay warm lately.
Seriously I went to sleep with a camisole tank top, long sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve corduroy shirt, socks, flannel pajama bottoms, and a fleece hat, Honestly a fleece hat, top that off with a blanket & cotton quilt with cotton batting, two dogs & my hubby.
Here is one of my little furnaces
along with Tinkerbell trying to scare Charlotte
out of Daddio's feeder.

Daddio is the Male Cardinal that has trained us to refill the feeder when he knocks on the window. Seriously he finds the room I am in (usually one of the rooms in the front of the house) and will land on the window & peck it.

Apparently 30 years of living through Chicago winters is completely out of my blood, it only took 10 years.

Even while watching LOST I was in front of the fire last night, I was seriously afraid this series was going to get too 'deep' for me to continue to follow. Maybe it was that I didn't eat a good dinner, or maybe all the blood left my brain trying to keep my vital organs warm....
Then I remembered Sawyer's nickname for me was Einstein so I figure if Mr. Hotty can see I am smart then I can follow where they are taking us this season.

Oh one last thing...I finished my pattern just in time to list it on ETSY right as Martha Stewart was finishing her segment today with ETSY founder Rob Kalin *who by the way looks all of 17 years old*
Make sure to check it out, it looks more like Folk Art than most of my patterns.

Back to my sign & the wool in the dye pot!

Blessings 2 U Friend

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Guess where I went today???????

So how many of you guessed the DENTIST????!!!!

Congratulations you were right. Today was supposed to be my final visit for the year Can you say YEAAA???
Teeth cleaning & seating the two crowns for the two teeth that broke in January & February.

The teeth cleaning went well....sand blasting I like to call it, with baking soda. Thank you Cheryl!

Then the x-rays, okay off to have the crowns put in place....Hmmm only one is the person who makes them....nope the second one (for the upper pre molar, the tooth that had the root canal in January, then cracked a few weeks later) won't be there until next week.

So while the crown was fitted (which hurt sooo bad, but I was afraid to say anything because I did not want another root canal & larger bill) Dr. Chris checked the x-rays....not bad but a few old cavities will need work in the future. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer the crown needed 'sizing' too many times and I told him it was hurting, so I got more temporary botox or as it is called in the medical field, novocaine.

Well the cement almost made me scream it hurt when put the crown on but after a few more minutes the pain subsided. Then the novocaine kicked in, just in time for the 'plan'.
The one tooth that has had the temp crown on it for 4 or so years needs work as what is left of the tooth is decaying. OH JOY!
So next week that one will have to be worked on as well as the other side.

Finally after another payment towards my humungous bill we drove home, the kids had their teeth cleaned too, thankfully only Sahara needs a little filling on one tooth. Tyler needs to brush & floss more often & Tim may want to have his wisdom teeth pulled (they are completely in & have been for 5 or 6 years). So Tim bought lunch for us all on the way home...except they didn't put my chili dog in the bag, after pulling back around to the drive through he checks the receipt...they didn't charge him either. So I said forget it I really wasn't hungry & left to come home.

Started working on a special dye order for Tuesday and had a Spicy Black Bean Burger for lunch instead. Domestic Diva that I am I also had to rotate & fold 2 loads of laundry, make the bed, hang out the pillows and now I can finally sit down to transfer the pattern I drew up last night onto transfer fabric. The wool is hanging on the line and will go in for the second batch of dye tomorrow after my Chiro appt. and before Piano lessons.
Here is a piece I tossed into the dye that was left in the pot from the previous batches last week.

I am always amazed at how cool they turn out!
Here is the Egg Basket almost finished

There are two more patterns I need to draw out this weekend so say a prayer I can find enough time to finish them both.
Tax paperwork also needs to be finished up so we can get that filed, as any refund will be going to the dentist.
Tonight I would like to finish the commissioned hand painted sign that is almost done.

Am I the only one who feels like I am running just to catch myself???
Please drop me a line, write a comment here as I would LOVE to know more about you!

May you all have a RELAXING weekend!

Blessings 2 U Friend

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ooops I almost forgot...

Sorry, I almost forgot to post the picture of the Easter Basket Rug.
See I had this list of things I really wanted to get finished today.
A list that has been growing by the hour......a list that I keep forgetting to write down....
So I started jotting them into my phone today, that way I would not forget.

Take a guess at how many I finished & crossed off......go ahead guess.....
ONE, one task is complete.
I did complete a couple other things that needed to get done but never made it on the list.
Do you think that counts?

Oh well tomorrow is another chance to finish something!

My phone doesn't take the most wonderful pictures but the eggs are so rounded & exactly like real eggs!

Blessings 2 U Friend

Saturday, February 23, 2008

S A T U R D A Y Night

Well Primitives Class was fun as usual, Jonny brought in the most ADORABLE Easter basket rug for March's class.
(I will upload that tomorrow after Church)
Funny because I brought in these hand dyed wools this morning.

As they hung on the line yesterday they reminded me of Easter Eggs.

We had the back door of the shop open Tuesday and this guy came up from the retention pond to say hello.

Not sure why as there is nothing for him eat or anything, other than to visit!

So I must get back to preparing an order for Creative Memories or I will be deactivated. My last two months have been spent doing things to help the shop and listing things to help cover my dentist bills, but tonight I need to focus my attention here.

OH don't forget to watch SNL tonight, apparently Mike Huckabee will be on the show!

Blessings 2 U Friends!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Some more Eye Candy...

Here are the rest of the photo's from Monday's Hook-In

FRIDAY is there a Better DAY?

I LOVE Friday's! The anticipation of the weekend just hours away makes this my favorite day of the week!

I tried posting photos last night but blogger wouldn't let me do it from my phone. . . another thing to look into.

Here are the wools I dyed yesterday in the shade

The other side (which shows no spots like the first shot did)

the other side

What a difference lighting makes when looking at colors!

backside of Midnight Pumpkin

A few more rugs from the Hook-In


last one for now

Finally back to the show

I really must be getting old, normally I can figure out a plot, storyline or mystery long before the episode is over.
This season of lost really has me questioning what I thought for the entire series.
I almost want to go back and watch it from the beginning

Thursday, February 21, 2008

And now for something completely different

Rain is forecasted here this afternoon, we will see, so I snapped a couple quick photos of the two yards that are finished
I wanted to get them in the sun & then again later in the overcast lighting.

The diagonal lines are shadows from the screen room around the lanai

The next two are from the other side with the sun shining through.

Finally the other side of the second yard ..the 3 lighter spots are actually in the dying, as is the sunburst

I hate to have to bring them back to the shop!

Blessings 2 U Friend

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day is done, gone the sun, from the lake, from the hills, from the sky

Well I am finished dying wool for tonight.
There are some hanging out on the line some cooling in the dye pot, some soaking for tomorrow.

The updated song is for my friend "Queen Sherry" also known as
'Baroness Sherry the Harmonious of Mabe Burnthouse',
Julie said the title makes her think of the song. :-)

Here are a couple more photo's from Mondays Event.

here is another

in keeping with the song theme...

Blessings 2 U Friend

Wild Wet Wonderful Wednesday

To Clarify the title it is not raining here, but I will be in the dye pots today so the wool will definitely be WET!

I really meant to post sooner but the last two evenings it was all I could do to change clothes & crawl in bed by 11:30.
Sunday after leaving Church I received a message that a wonderful lady & fellow rescuer Carol Nagy had passed. She will be missed greatly!

After gathering my supplies I decided to dye wool & maybe watch the Daytona 500, which I don't think I saw more than 10 laps of the entire afternoon.
However I did dye 2 yrds of wool for the shop amongst other household jobs.
Finally I got to sleep around 2:30 am then was awakened by the dogs barking at 4am (don't know if it was the eldest coming home from work or something else I was too tired to find out)
The alarm rudely sounded off at 6:15 reminding me I needed to be in Plant City by 8 for the Strawberry Hookers Annual Hook-In Wool Sale. At 7 am the telephone rang, Helen asked if I was asleep (LOL) was I going to be able to help her today, yes ma'am, she then said her ride was there. *Helen asked 3 weeks ago if I would help her with her tables & I said yes.*
Finally ready to leave at 8 am I arrived at 8:30 to find only 3 cars in the lot, I asked the lady taping the sign to the door about the event what time it started, she said 10am however when she finished I saw it said 9:30, so I sat in the car & ate my Millet toast & Almond butter while listening to the radio. Thankfully I saw Janet's car pull up with Helen & the shop supplies at 9 am so off to work hauling items in & setting up the tables.
Here are some that I took at the end of the day

Here are just a few of the rugs the ladies brought to display....

click on them to see a larger image

Have to get moving, took a break to watch the Space Shuttle Land, I hope to post more photo's later!

Have a Great Day!
Blessings 2 U Friend

Saturday, February 16, 2008

FABULOUS DAY...In more ways than one

First off today is my babies Birthday, she turned 11 today.
She wanted to use the passes we bought last fall & go to Adventure Island, so we did after breakfast.

The first ride was 'Cat In The Hat' were we met an adorable young girl, all by herself, named Ella. Ella's Dad was sitting out by the Seussousel with two of her younger sisters. So we invited her to ride with us, see Ella is 10 and the same height as Sahara.
They became fast friends and we learned Ella is from England, completely evident by her adorable accent. They really didn't want to part ways when the ride was over. We passed Ella, her Dad & two sisters when getting on the Seussosel, Ella brought her sister who was about 4 on with us, while Dad took care of the baby (about 18 months). The two of them plotted their next ride so they could spend time together again, but that ride was closed temporarily. We didn't see Ella so we assumed she went back by her Dad and we took photo's with the characters

When we were finished the Train was running again so we got in line, well who was up ahead of us but little Ella. She came back in the line (20 people back) so she & Sahara could ride together. I had a chance to find out more about her during our wait in line, she is the middle child of 7, her father is remarried & they live about 5 hours west of London. Her Step mother was back were they were staying with the rest of the kids and they only have 4 days left of their vacation. I asked if she had an email address so she & Sahara could keep in touch but she didn't and I didn't have a pen to give her ours at the time. However the two of them plotted their next move & figured we could meet up at Lost Continent as they had just arrived too & that was the next area.
The Train Engineer sang Happy Birthday Seuss Style to Sahara.

At the end of the ride her father was waiting with her sisters & I introduced myself while my hubby took a photo for another Mom with her kids. In the meantime he told Ella her sister wanted to go back on the 'Round About' & I saw their faces drop.

By the time I got a pen from the lady in the candy store & wrote our address down they had walked away. We went back towards the Carousel & Flying Fish ride looking for them but no luck. So we headed to the Lost Continent hoping we would bump into them again....The rest of the day we looked while heading around the park & even went back to Seuss Land before leaving the park tonight, no luck.

So how do you find a 10 yr. old girl who lives in another country when all you know is her first name, her father's first name & some general information?